Into The Sky – La Marée and Eckul

Release date: 12/04/2019

Into The Sky – La Marée and Eckul

Seattle’s La Marée teams up with Eckul to deliver the beautiful darkness that is – Into The Sky. The song is built around the space and atmosphere created by La Marée’s haunting vocals. The added production from Eckul brings bounce and groove that completes this haunting track.

The song is complimented by two amazing remixes from Crowd of Ghosts and Gary Franks, showcasing two very different and impressive interpretations of a song which is truly made for the night!


Blanco Son – Waves

Release date: 26/07/2017

Blanco Son – Waves

Waves is an acoustic and electronic masterpiece by Sydney’s Blanco Son .

This release is uniquely beautiful and bright but with a persistent melancholic breeze colder then a dark night on Neptune. Included in this release is a range of diverse remixes from Lu, Eckul and Chibcha. These outstanding tracks make this a truly eclectic release that blends minimal acoustic to electronic elements creating an authentic sound.

Alejandro, the man behind Blanco Son is a Colombian born and raised music producer and composer based in Sydney Australia since 2000. Alejandro has extensive musical experience in a wide range of styles and media, including film, TV and live performance. Waves is a culmination of experiences, talent and passion.

**Limted Vinly Available Through Bandcamp**



Prison of Our Skin – Eckul Ft.La Marée

Release date: 16/01/2016

Prison of Our Skin – Eckul Ft.La Marée

The first release from Ten Hens Records is the long awaited Prison of Our Skin . Eckul teams up with haunting Seattle artist La Marée to deliver this atmospheric dark pop record. Future Engineers, Hier and Crowd of Ghosts provide a diverse range of outstanding remixes.